Chains You Can Believe In


By Ed Willing

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself” – President Franklin Roosevelt, March 4, 1933

The world has designed itself to create many fears for today’s culture, whether by design, or by nature. Wars and rumors of wars, TV series about sleeper cells living next door, bird flu in your schools or on planes and murder in your neighborhoods wreak havoc on our collective psyche and have driven us to Prozac, counseling, or for some, video games. Anything to get our minds off the dangers that lie around us. Yet, we were promised a progressive society without fear, weren’t we?

Most of us have been raised to not fear anything, and face obstacles. Yet, our culture is more afraid today than ever before. That is, afraid of anything but failure; fearing failure is not an option. Our society has made us wear seat belts, forbidden smoking, drinking soda of a certain size, outlawed salt and speaking against hateful ideology while marginalizing the Christian religion as bigoted, the Founders as slave-hating aristocrats and designing a narrative that the rich are out to get us and take advantage of weak people like you and I. The One Percenters have become the Bane of society, according to the Progressive storyline. And we are weak. They need us to be weak. They need us to fear freedom from the entitlement they promise.

Thanks in large part to a mother that taught me truth, not just the ability to seek it, I believed early on that we are responsible for ourselves, should not depend on others, and to face consequences for your actions. I learned that civic participation was a noble cause, that loving your neighbor was in fact “pure and undefiled religion,” and that people were only free of Government if they could govern themselves. I was also taught to SEEK truth, and in that process I’ve educated myself in countless subjects of interest and learned more about both sides of every issue than most care to know. I believe this is a benefit to me, because while it may not change already-established principles, learning about the factors around those who are different than me allows me to have the grace and understanding that civil society requires.

Instead of perpetuating a productive upbringing like I had, it seems the governing elite have instead pushed a different kind of belief-system. Rather than teaching us to fear failure, they’ve taught us to fear only the consequences that free decisions bring upon us.  In fact, failure in trying is not only something we shouldn’t fear, it has now been cast as the weapon of something far more fearful. The “millionaires and billionaires” according to the Progressives have overcome their potential failure only because the government (that is, “we”) protected them all this time, and now those ungrateful, indigent rich folks are turning against their government. The audacity! For years, our children have been taught that government is, by nature (and always) “the people,” and that “compassion” is caring for your neighbor, even if it means being compelled to do so by unfair taxation and the threat of fine or imprisonment. “Compassion” has come to mean never allowing the harsh realities of life have the opportunity to strike the hearts of mankind; realities such as this were once seen as creating backbone, self-determination and ultimately success. Not anymore, they’re unacceptable.

But now, we have been told that we must fear such idealogy, and that allowing people to fail is heartless, unamerican and inhumane.  Fewer and fewer are understanding that trading liberty for security leads to losing both, and leaves you chained to lower expectations and a collective morality.

In the center of mankind is an insinct which takes years to extract or distort. It’s an instinct which tells us that men must be free to live, exercise their liberties, and be able to keep what he rightfully earns. This is called “Natural Law” for that very reason – it is instinctive and morally-consistent. It is also proven successful every time it’s tried. It was the foundation of our nation’s framework, and the chief aim of our constitutional principles. The underbelly of Natural Law is the failure to pursue it. Even in a free society that observes the right to life, liberty and property you may waste your life, give up your liberty or lose your property. That used to be considered completely normal. The proper amount of government is only one that keeps a man from causing harm to another. But today, we have a government that keeps reality from causing it as well. And any opposition to this false-protection has created a new kind of fear: opposition to the Collective. We are taught that the success of others are chains on our own.

Tea party, right-wing, “southern,” “Bible-thumping” fools we are, for believing in people. Our politics are extreme apparently, because they’re the politics that empower people. The only fear the left wants us to have is opposing their agenda, their methods and their outcome. The last two weeks in Wisconsin have shown what the new fear is sought to be.

On Friday, October 19th, Sean Kedzie was at his Whitewater, Wisconsin home when two young men dislodged the conservative political sign in his front yard and began to walk away. When Mr Kedzie went outside and asked them about taking his sign, they apologized and acted as though they would return it. Instead, they jumped the 22 yr old placed him in a chokehold, beat him to within an inch of his life and slammed his head against the ground repeatedly while shouting political invectives at him and threatening him for supporting Republicans.

Only a few days later, on Wednesday the 24th, an hour away in Madison, Wisconsin, Kyle Wood had his preparation for work interrupted by a knock on his door. After having his car vandalized earlier in the month, Kyle, an openly gay volunteer staffer for candidate Chad Lee had posted on his Facebook wall that he would not be silenced for supporting a Conservative running against Democrat Mark Pocan, also openly gay. This morning was his reckoning. The man at the door immediately wrapped a ligature around Wood’s neck, slammed his head into his doorway causing massive head injuries. The attacker then entered the house, smashing Kyle’s face into a mirror and screaming “you should have kept your f****** mouth shut!” The man didn’t leave it at that, continuing to kidney-punch Mr. Wood as he insisted he had “been warned” and needs to learn some loyalty. To what, we don’t know. The Democrats’ abuse of another human circumstance for political gain?

Three days later, on Saturday, October 28th, in preparation for a massive tea party rally in Racine, Wisconsin some volunteers spotted a truck with political-opposition bumper stickers driving through the parking lot. What they left behind were bucket-fulls of roofing nails. One out-of-town vehicle suffered damage before the astute volunteers could pick up the nails quickly enough. Children were at this event.

The left wants Conservatives to be fearful of opposing “the collective.” And while stupidity exists in every group and every demographic, the graphic violence and orchestrated intimidation of the left is so well-established that a Supreme Court ruling (U.S. v Emmons) in 1973 codified labor-violence if it was in pursuance of the labor union’s objectives. No, this is not fringe, it is a real judgment made by the Court. The political left is not inherently violent, but their philosophy is built upon an absence of consequence, deincentivizes personal responsibility, and inevitably leads to a less-restrained human nature. THIS is what we now must fear, and that is the only fear the left appears to be at peace with. When the faithful defenders of the indefensible politics of Progressives begin to lose, they turn all too frequently to violence, which is clearly intended to silence the defenders of the Conservative Right.

These instances are more notable to the author because they happened within two hours of his home. There are countless other examples of this violent crackdown on opposition. But we must resist the intimidation to lay down willingly into the chains of Progressivism. These chains promise freedom from fear, and protection from the harsh realities of life, but they accomplish it by eliminating the opposition. – in some cases, literally. In the end, we’re still afraid of everything else anyway.

I will raise my son, not to blindly follow a belief because he’s told, but to pursue truth as I’ve learned it, and prove that truth in his own way so he may know why he believes what he was raised to believe. I have no shame in admitting that I look to shape my son’s mind and perspective, because I want him to have compassion, reason and patience, and learn from history, rather than repeat it. I want him to have only two fears in life: the harsh consequences of failure, and those who promise to take them away.

All other fears in life are simply challenges that teach character. Individual character is something the left knows less and less about, and something the Founders mistakenly thought would perpetuate their grand republican experiment. They had no idea how effectively the left would destroy our national character. I trust I am not the only man who feels the way I do, and looks at fatherhood as the greatest calling. Find those you share this faith with, and work together to engage your local communities one mind at a time. Engage your local school boards, talk openly with others about fundamentals of freedom, be overt in your support for those around you. Care for your neighbors, rather than allowing them to become dependent on the government.

President Roosevelt was right when he said we should fear only fear itself. But that was a personal ethic, it should not be an assurance we’d never have to face fear again. I have no intention of backing down, but my battles will be waged for the minds and hearts of people, not in capital buildings or in policy alone. The only change the current administration seems capable of enacting is making us more fearful of freedom itself. Those are chains I won’t accept.