Pursue Conservative Health Care Reform: Fighting Predatory Federalism

November 16, 2012 in Ed Willing, Federal Taxation, Health Care, Restoring Country, Restoring Family by Founders Intent

By Ed Willing Since the Supreme Court’s infamous 4-1-4 ruling on the Affordable Care Act in June, nearly two dozen states have grappled with whether or not to comply with the first of many forthcoming deadlines found in the rules written (and still being written) by the functionally unconstitutional entity known as the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). November 16th is the deadline, and a flurry of letters are finding their way to Kathleen Sebelius’ desk this afternoon telling her they will not comply with the requirement to set up an exchange. The great debate has been over the enticement written into the law: Either states create the exchanges, and the Feds will not only pay for the administrative costs but also the cost increases of expanding Medicare and Medicaid, or… The Federal government will set one up for them and not give states the authority to direct
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Liberty 101 – Who Owns You?

March 6, 2012 in Charitable Social Services, Contributors, Economic Policy, Federal Taxation, Health Care, Restoring Country, Restoring Family, Tenth Amendment, Tim Nerenz, Ph. D by Founders Intent

By Dr. Tim Nerenz   It starts and ends with one question: “who owns you?” If you believe that you are owned by your society, that others are entitled to your person, your property, and your compliance with their beliefs, then your demand of the law is that it limits freedom in order to maximize equality. Conversely, if you believe that you own yourself, that you alone are entitled to your person, your property, and your compliance, then your demand of the law is that it protects your rights from those who would limit your freedom. This is why we do not get along anymore. We want different things from the law, from our leaders, from our government, and from each other. In the first case, the owned person seeks to negotiate the terms of his existence through the passage of laws which bind individuals. In the second case, the
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The Rich, Taxes, and the Failure of Good Intentions

February 22, 2012 in Contributors, Federal Taxation, Paris D Procopis, Restoring Country, Uncategorized by Founders Intent

By Paris Procopis Since the Left has run out of real ideas, they are set on punishing success. Of course, it’s based on “good intentions.”  Not! Let’s face it, taxing the rich and corporations only punishes the working class. Why does the Left try to deny it? Surely, they have to be able to wrap their minds around it. Let me explain. Lately, there have been many ideas floated around to get our fiscal house in order. On the Left, seems to be pushing only one agenda: tax tax tax. Tax corporations, tax the rich! This rhetoric has no foundation in common sense. It’s nothing less than class warfare at best, and certainly the consistent knee-jerk reaction by the liberals on all levels of government. First, let’s take a look at the taxing of corporations. Are those on the Left so naive that they believe the corporations themselves really pay
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