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What we envision will be a link to our sister-site, Liberty’s

It will be an independent community from FI, established to maintain grassroots communication with a national database of volunteers, and capable of mobilizing hyper-local outreach events in support of Constitutional initiatives that strengthen local autonomy and independence.

Tools such as an online blog, a database, online store and unique member profiles will provide a social networking plug in for those looking to be an active part of something, not merely a participant in an academic exercise. Liberty’s Wall will work as an independent arm of Founders’ Intent, and may actively support particular candidates who specifically embody the Constitutional character we believe is needed in modern American government. Funding for Liberty’s Wall must be independent from Founders’ Intent, although legal contributions may be made from the PAC to the 501(c)4.

Active members are “defenders” and fundraisers and seminar organizers are “architects”






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