Five Problems Urban Schools Can’t Fix

February 21, 2012 in Bradley Harrington Flynn, MA History, Ed., Contributors, Education Policy, Restoring Family, Tenth Amendment

By Bradley Harrington Flynn, MA in History, Ed. I’ve spent the last seven years as teacher in a rough urban school district. Like many urban districts, we battle poverty and crime – which are not unrelated – and a number of other issues, too many to enumerate. I love my job and wouldn’t think of choosing a different profession. Recently, however, I’ve realized that my job is less and less teaching and interacting with students and more and more managing compliance to top-down initiatives purporting to be the silver bullet to the district’s educational woes. At a recent district-mandated professional development session, my colleagues and I recounted the numerous initiatives which have come and gone from education. Still, there we were, listening to well-meaning master educators explain to us why the last approach was wrong and why this approach will work. These frustrations have inspired me to compile a list
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