Chains You Can Believe In

By Ed Willing

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself” – President Franklin Roosevelt, March 4, 1933

The world has designed itself to create many fears for today’s culture, whether by design, or by nature. Wars and rumors of wars, TV series about sleeper cells living next door, bird flu in your schools or on planes and murder in your neighborhoods wreak havoc on our collective psyche and have driven us to Prozac, counseling, or for some, video games. Anything to get our minds off the dangers that lie around us. Yet, we were promised a progressive society without fear, weren’t we?

Most of us have been raised to not fear anything, and face obstacles. Yet, our culture is more afraid today than ever before. That is, afraid of anything but failure; fearing failure is not an option. Our society has made us wear seat belts, forbidden smoking, drinking soda of a certain size, outlawed salt and speaking against hateful ideology while marginalizing the Christian religion as bigoted, the Founders as slave-hating aristocrats and designing a narrative that the rich are out to get us and take advantage of weak people like you and I. The One Percenters have become the Bane of society, according to the Progressive storyline. And we are weak. They need us to be weak. They need us to fear freedom from the entitlement they promise. Continue reading