The Rich, Taxes, and the Failure of Good Intentions

February 22, 2012 in Contributors, Federal Taxation, Paris D Procopis, Restoring Country, Uncategorized

By Paris Procopis Since the Left has run out of real ideas, they are set on punishing success. Of course, it’s based on “good intentions.”  Not! Let’s face it, taxing the rich and corporations only punishes the working class. Why does the Left try to deny it? Surely, they have to be able to wrap their minds around it. Let me explain. Lately, there have been many ideas floated around to get our fiscal house in order. On the Left, seems to be pushing only one agenda: tax tax tax. Tax corporations, tax the rich! This rhetoric has no foundation in common sense. It’s nothing less than class warfare at best, and certainly the consistent knee-jerk reaction by the liberals on all levels of government. First, let’s take a look at the taxing of corporations. Are those on the Left so naive that they believe the corporations themselves really pay
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