Class (Civil) Warfare

August 20, 2012 in Monica Frede

By Monica Frede The only class the Elite Left despises is the wealthy elite they don’t control. The rich. The target of the left. The fat cats, Wall Street, greedy, old white men who laugh in the face of hungry children and scheme behind closed doors with Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to split commissions on the next big tax break. The trust-fund babies who didn’t build that; the heartless no-gooders who refuse to give to charitable organizations that won’t benefit their own coffers. The CEOs who only care about making a profit rather than hire hard-working single mothers. Thank goodness for Democrats. For without their audacity and shining example of words, not deeds, we would be led off the cliff like a pack of possessed pigs. Because of the hard-working liberal media, professors and politicians, we know the truth. Money is not earned, it is taken; the 1% are
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A Woman’s War – Bring it On!

May 14, 2012 in Economic Policy, Health Care, Monica Frede, Restoring Family, Work Protections

By Monica Frede I’ve heard that there is a “war on women” sweeping across the plains, and the Republican Party is to blame. Conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker have taken it upon themselves to attack women, but in this election year, the liberals have conveniently brought this to the nation’s attention. President Obama loves women. He’s on our side. He understands us. I do agree that there is a war on women—but with an opaque enemy. The Paycheck Fairness Act, legislation reintroduced to both houses in April, addresses male-female income disparity in hopes of correcting erroneous discrimination against women in the workplace. The bill would provide easier options for women who are targets of wage discrimination, such as disclosing salary information with co-workers. The bill also requires employers to prove that any wage discrepancies are due to business requirements and job duties of those affected
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An Anniversary and A Funeral: ObamaCare

March 26, 2012 in Charitable Social Services, Contributors, Health Care, Monica Frede, Restoring Family, Restoring God

By Monica Frede House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) gave a celebratory speech to Congress on Wednesday, the same week as the two-year anniversary of the Affordable Health Care Act, evoking the core principles of the Declaration of Independence— life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. She could hardly contain her glee:   Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is exactly what the Affordable Health Care Act helps to guarantee. A healthier life, the liberty to pursue happiness, free of the constraints that a lack of health care might provide to a family. If you want to be a photographer, a writer, an artist, a musician, you can do so. If you want to start a business, if you want to change jobs, under the Affordable Care Act, you have that liberty to pursue your happiness. And that is why I am so pleased that this week we can
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Immigration, and the “Boomerang” of State’s Rights

March 21, 2012 in Contributors, Dr. Yomi Faparusi, Sr. Esq, Education Policy, Immigration Policy, Restoring Country, Restoring Family, Tenth Amendment

By Yomi Faparusi Sr., Esq., MD, PhD One of the most significant issues of our day, and a virtual fourth rail in politics is immigration reform. Immigration is regulated under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) created in 1952 by the McCarran-Walter bill, Public Law No. 82-414.[1] Hence, it suffices to say that immigration is a federal issue and as such it would appear that States have no authority – or, colloquially speaking – no business legislating in this domain. IMMIGRATION IS REGULATED BY FEDERAL LAW, BUT… The question arises: is the preceding statement wholly factual, especially when the Federal Government has chosen to take a lackadaisical posture in enforcing the immigration laws in the books? If that indeed was the case, that the states had no enforceable interest, you would not be reading an article on the tenth Amendment and immigration here. We DO have a problem. It is not
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The Immoral Government and Our Moral Opportunity

March 12, 2012 in Charitable Social Services, Contributors, Health Care, Monica Frede, Restoring Family, Restoring God, Separation of Church and Culture

By Monica Frede Earlier this week, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, penned a letter in response to recent visits by White House officials to the group of Catholic Bishops. In an effort to soothe the fiery debate ignited in recent weeks due to the Obama Administration’s mandate on private insurers providing its customers contraception coverage, the church leaders and White House staff discussed “the options.” Dolan’s letter, addressed to his Conference of Catholic Bishops, reaffirms the unapologetic position by the White House: How fortunate that we as a body have had opportunities during our past plenary assemblies to manifest our strong unity in defense of religious freedom. We rely on that unity now more than ever as HHS [Department of Health and Human Services] seeks to define what constitutes church ministry and how it can be exercised. The HHS seeks to constitute church ministry and
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Bullies and The Rest of Us

March 4, 2012 in Contributors, Economic Policy, Monica Frede, Restoring Family, Work Protections

By Monica Frede video platform video management video solutions video player The UAW protested Mitt Romney at the Daytona 500 this past Sunday. They flew a banner above the stadium that read “Mitt Romney: Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.” This labor union, boasting nearly 400,000 active members and about 600,000 retired members, planned this response to a 2008 NY Times Op-Ed that Romney wrote titled “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.” Well, they are creative. In Romney’s 2008 article, he addressed the slow death of America’s automobile industry by union hegemony.  He outlined his capitalistic solutions, including lowering the burden per auto of domestic manufacturers compared to their foreign competitors by reducing retiree benefits and hourly pay. Romney wrote that this burden costs averages $2,000 per auto for domestic makers such as Ford. That’s right– $2,000 for every car that comes off the assembly line. That number is staggering because of the sheer
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Five Problems Urban Schools Can’t Fix

February 21, 2012 in Bradley Harrington Flynn, MA History, Ed., Contributors, Education Policy, Restoring Family, Tenth Amendment

By Bradley Harrington Flynn, MA in History, Ed. I’ve spent the last seven years as teacher in a rough urban school district. Like many urban districts, we battle poverty and crime – which are not unrelated – and a number of other issues, too many to enumerate. I love my job and wouldn’t think of choosing a different profession. Recently, however, I’ve realized that my job is less and less teaching and interacting with students and more and more managing compliance to top-down initiatives purporting to be the silver bullet to the district’s educational woes. At a recent district-mandated professional development session, my colleagues and I recounted the numerous initiatives which have come and gone from education. Still, there we were, listening to well-meaning master educators explain to us why the last approach was wrong and why this approach will work. These frustrations have inspired me to compile a list
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Limited Government In the Workplace

February 18, 2012 in Economic Policy, Monica Frede, Restoring Family, Uncategorized

 By Monica Frede Not a day goes by that the media doesn’t quote Obama or one of his advisors, blasting Capitalism. We’ve heard all about these CEOs:the greedy 1%, too distracted by their private jets to notice all the poor lining the streets, refusing to pay their… (say it with me) FAIR SHARE. The Obama administration claims that controlling the activities of private business is how we can resolve our economic disparity. The Occupy Wall Street protest movement developed because, as the supporters claim, the 99% are under then unruly thumb of the 1%. Let’s fix this economic injustice, the Progressives say, and everything will be all right. Again, let the Government fix the injustice. The all-knowing, infallible, ever-benevolent – NEVER power-hungry Government. But the Government doesn’t really FIX anything. Ever. In Obama’s recent State of the Union address he said: We can either settle for a country where a shrinking
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