Nancy Oliver, Contributor


Nancy Oliver, Contributor

Nancy Oliver hails from the Lone Star State, married to a rancher/cowboy who shares much of her passions with the kids and grandkids. She was inspired by a History professor in her early childhood and has pursued the passion her entire life. She also shares information with official historians of the various tribes of Aboriginal Americans, particularly the Native American Tribe of Texas.

Ms. Oliver is also very politically active. Constitutional education is a passion of hers, most particularly the Tenth Amendment. Knowing how important a People are to any nation, especially in the formation of our original thirteen colonies, she realizes what a blessing the Founder’s Intent is today.  Her children and grandchildren are the motivation for her to inform all ages about the dangers that lurk in our State vs. Federal Government struggles in order to form once again a more perfect union with constitutional liberties and opportunities which a citizen Congress lends to all the people.

Nancy is an historian scholar and explorer of historical settings with a passion to experience the pioneering lifestyle of early Americana.  Being a writer submitting to newsletters and small town papers, she turned all the passions she loves into writing historical fiction. Find her latest work here, on