Nicholas Lal, Contributor


Nicholas Lal of Dallas, Texas is a first generation American born to Indian parents from the Fiji Islands (earlier ancestors from different parts of India). As an aspiring author working on his first book, he is a real estate investor and licensed realtor to pay the bills. He also does extensive blogging about political, social and international issues.

His interests are sports, politics, humanitarian efforts, and laughing at the silly things liberals do.  No seriously, that is an actual hobby; it’s on his resume, which explains why he never get a call back from go-green companies.

Nicholas is involved in working with orphanages in war torn Nepal.  As orphans who were sold as slaves, sold in the sex trade, or lost their parents in the civil war of 1996-2006, his heart is very sensitive to world affairs, and how the United States can best shine as an example to other nations like this.

When presented with the opportunity to work with Founders’ Intent he jumped at the opportunity right away; his love for his own Governor Rick Perry who will lead the charge on keeping the 10th amendment alive, and his passion for writing motivate him. He firmly believes the 10th amendment is a critical factor in this upcoming election as state’s rights are being made irrelevant by a radical President.

Ronald Reagan said “Don’t be afraid to see what you see”, and it was Gandhi who said “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” Nicholas encourages everyone to get involved, because the small efforts of many will all compound into overall victory for our nation’s restoration.