Paris D. Procopis, Activist, Contributor


Paris D. Procopis, Activist, Contributor

Paris is an an ordinary guy with a family, a job and a dog. What makes him interesting is that he has a passion for politics, public affairs and life in general. He is an entrepreneurial and highly influential leader in diverse industries, applying more than 20 years of experience to exceptional team performance, relationship management, and profits. He is fluent in both the Spanish and Greek languages and graduated from Marquette University with studies in business management and engineering.

In working the private sector since before he graduated High school, he has paid plenty of taxes and he votes. Over the past several years he has become more and more disappointed with the way things are going in Government. In 2010, he was one of several local leaders asked to get on the Ballot to run for State Assembly. While that effort failed, he has realized that the main influencers are bloggers, so he has his own blog on political affairs HERE. Most recently, he was one of the main organizers for the Celebrate Walker Rally at Hart Park in Wauwatosa, WI, a local media firestorm that highlighted what grassroots organizations can do while sitting at a Buffalo Wild Wings on Friday nights.