Tim Nerenz, Ph.D


Dr. Tim Nerenz is a Businessman, Libertarian, writer, and former candidate for U.S. House of Representatives from Wisconsin District 2.

He attended Carthage College and graduated in 1976 with a degree in Psychology. He returned to school and graduated in 2006 with a PhD in Business Management; his additional credits include an MBA from Athabasca University. He currently works in business and resides in suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his wife.

He is a published author of the book titled, “BRING IT!”, and for several years has hosted a well-known blog, Moment of Clarity, at TimNerenz.com

As a former candidate for the United States House of Representatives, he has a distinct taste for the political realm and the purity it needs to bring it back to reality. He believes our nation’s course is a deadly one, and that both major Parties have been complicit in leading us down this road to total dependency and social and economic disaster.

Ever an optimist, however, Dr Nerenz writes to educate people, arm them with facts and logical reasoning and desires to see more voices, young and old join the conversation.